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  • To act as a catalyst in developing sustainable economy, trade, industry, commerce and the socio-economic conditions of North Eastern States and nation at large.
  • For the creation and sustenance of an environment conducive to the growth of the industry, trade and commerce in the north-eastern states of India
  • To guide its members to participate actively in the national economic construction and promote the stepwise perfection of the market economy system, so as to accelerate the process of comprehensive social progress
  • To enhance the cultural construction of enterprises, and to guide its members to be the erectors of the National Economy.
  • To represent and protect the legal rights and interests of its members and to make known the attitudes, requests and advice, to guide its members to participate actively in the “honorable cause”
  • To provide its members with services of information and technology, management, law, accounting, auditing, financing, training, etc.
  • To offer professional training of industry and commerce and to help its members improve operational management, better financial management, and elevate the productive technology and product quality


    To organize its members to hold and participate in exhibitions and trade fairs of all kinds both at home and abroad
  • To organize its members for business trips abroad and to help them develop linkages both in national and international markets
  • To enhance mutual understanding between the organizations of trade, industry and commerce of all over the world and
  • To promote bi lateral cooperation in trade, technology, tourism and education
  • To help entrepreneurs overcome the difficulties in various sectors of Trade, Commerce and industry
  • Promote the first generation entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs
  • Update ourselves with latest Information & Technologies 

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